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Antique Map of Rome Italy

Antique Map of Rome Italy


Reprint of 18th Century A.D. 1748 Map of Rome by Giambattista Nolli Dimensions: 25.5" X 30.5" (63.5cm x 77.5cm) This beautiful, large, and highly detailed map of Rome Italy, the Eternal City, was originally engraved in 1748 by Giambattista Nolli Comasco for Pope Benedict (Benedetto) XIV. It is a large suitable for framing lithograph, printed on textured heavy stock. Surrounding the map are designs showing classic architecture and statues of Rome, including the Vatican, Romulus and Remus, Trajan's column, the Forum, and much more. Dimensions: 25.5"X30.5" Printed in U.S.A. This is a reprint of the original. See close ups below.

  • Dimensions & Other Details

    Dimensions: 25.5"X30.5"

    Material: Heavy Premium Grade Cotton Stock.

    Printed in U.S.A. 

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